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Easy to install, works great

Great Product

Install was easy and the tools were quality. Only difficult part was the adhesive, but that's a known problem.

Saved My iPhone XS Screen

Shattered the OLED screen on my iPhone XS. Went online searching for a replacement screen. There were many cheaper LED replacement screens available. Many of them stated that some functions originally on the iPhone would be lost after the screen was installed. I found TECHXS who offer a direct replacement OLED screen for the iPhone XS. It was more expensive but I was willing to pay the extra for a quality screen to get the phone back in service. I also ordered one of their high quality glass screen protectors to install after the new OLED screen was in place. The parts arrived quickly and well packaged. Upon inspection, everything was in perfect condition. The included tool kit was top quality. All metal screwdrivers and better plastic spudgers and picks. A nice pair of all metal angled tweezers are included. The installation was one of the easiest that I have completed on an iPhone. The TECHXS video is very informative. I highly recommend watching it before performing a screen replacement. A new gasket seal was included to make a new water resistant seal between the new screen and the case. After the install, the iPhone powered right on and everything functioned as before. The text and pictures are crisp and clear. The colors are vibrant and true. I am completely satisfied with the OLED iPhone XS replacement screen from TECHXS. I am one that reads many reviews before I make a purchase online. TECHXS has many positive reviews. I highly recommend purchasing a new replacement screen from TECHXS. If you are on the fence about spending the extra money, avoid the frustration of inferior products and buy a top quality screen from TECHXS. FYI, I received nothing for my positive review. When I receive a quality product, from a good company, I try to share my experience with others.

Premium LCD Screen Replacement Repair Kit

XR Screen

Great product. Excellent customer service

New screen

Had lines in my screen, new one was easy to replace and is working fine!

Sound and mind

These are the best earbuds ever.

X screen and battery replacement

Video guide was very simple to follow. Replaced the battery while I was replacing the screen. Removing the tape on the old battery was a little tricky. Apart from that, all went well considering I have never open up an iPhone before.
Fast shipping and great price (considering a phone shop was going to charge me the same price for an non OLED screen).
Give a new life to an old cracked screen iPhone X.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Cathy G
Battery Replacement Kit

Battery works perfectly! Guide was helpful and tools will be handy for future repairs, thank you

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Joe J
Battery replacement

The repair guide is best! Very detailed and helpful, tools are very handy! Will definitely buy from your company next time! Thank you

Great service and parts apple xs max

Great quality screen, easy to follow instruction video, very prompt from order to receiving the parts would recommend and would deal with these guys again if i need any phone related items.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
iPhone 7 battery replacement.

Replaced my aged iPhone 7 battery last week. Straightforward process. The tools provided are made of adequate quality for the job. Easy to follow instructions. A bit skeptical at the beginning since this was my first time working on a mobile phone, but I must admit, the system this guys have set up removes the guesswork for beginners like me. Watching the videos and following the pdf instructions was easy. The battery capacity went back to 100% and the peak performance was reestablished immediately after changing the battery which has made a huge difference as how the phone behaves. Only time will tell in term of the quality of the battery itself, as it is only a week old. So far, so good. Highly recommend.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Angie Hauser
iPhone 7 battery replacement kit

Wonderful product, my phone has been restored and feels like new again. Was a little tricky to get the glass screen off initially because of the tight seal, but the kit was very useful.

Premium Screen Replacement Repair Kit

Great quality product with easy to follow instructions. Without the tools it would be impossible to do. Things to keep in mind. It can be difficult to initially get the screen off especially if its really damaged. Also the home button can be very difficult to remove. I damaged mine and had to buy a replacement. It maybe worth having one on hand just in case.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Paul C
Very happy

Great battery. Phone is like new again.

Premium Replacement LCD Screen / Pre-Assembled
Paul C
Turned a negative into a positive

First screen supplied was faulty.
Good after sales support and communication. New screen quickly supplied and is great.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
John Tempra
IPhone 7Plus battery replacement

Great kit, quite difficult to get initial gap to separate screen, but once pick was in, it separated quite easily.
Demo video fantastic, just followed it and paused while completing each step.

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Julie Coutts
iPhone 7 Plus Battery Replacement

I'm very impressed with the kit provided including the tools provided and the video instructions. Replacing the battery was trickier than it looks and took quite a long time however with some patience and a slow methodical approach I was able to successfully replace the battery in my iphone.

Premium Replacement LCD Screen / Pre-Assembled
Mick Carroll
Excellent product - better than the alternatives

I used this screen replacement the first time I broke my screen and the support was excellent. The videos are easy to understand and very well put together. It happened again and I used the cheaper Dick Smith replacement and the tools were terrible, there was no screen holder while working, no video and the tools that were supplied were such low quality that it took twice as long to replace the screen.

If it happens again I will be back to TechXS for my replacement screen.

Moving forward this will be my first place if i plan to do any DIY phone repair.

Premium Replacement LCD Screen / Pre-Assembled
Adrian Gibson
6S Screen

Replacement went very smoothly, vidoes were a great help. Replaced screen at same time as battery. Bought battery replacement kit, so used those tools

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Michaela Smith
Difficult but doable

The video process made it look extremely easy to change my phone battery. I had issues every step of the way. The first tool to take out the star shaped screws on the outside of the phone stripped immediately and I had to file the end and eventually got it to work. My iPhone was thoroughly glued shut and it was hard to know the right amount of pressure when opening the phone, I definitely thought I would break the screen. Now I’ve done it once I would be confident to do it again, but I did not enjoy the process at all. Battery works well.

High Quality Replacement Battery
John M
iPhone 6S Replacement Battery

My decision to replace the battery was based on Apple's promise to include the iPhone 6S in the IOS 15 upgrade coming out later in 2021.
Couldn't be happier with the decision to replace the battery and I only charge it maximum once a day now and not have to keep charging throughout the day.
I have had this battery for well over a month and it is still at maximum capacity with no signs of degradation at this time.
The instructional video is very clear and easy to follow.

Premium Screen Replacement Repair Kit
Good quality

Good quality product. Easy to follow installation instructions. Highly recommend

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Replacement iPhone battery kit

Arrived quickly, good quality tools, battery surpasses eBay battery quality, easy to replace

Battery Replacement Repair Kit
Ben Roehlen
Amazing Kit

Wow. Replaced the battery on an iPhone 6 using the TechXs kit and have to say it was a fantastic experience. Absolutely everything you need for the job is supplied in the box and the online PDF and video tutorial takes away any guess work at all.

Made it a task I actually enjoyed. New battery working well and certainly saved us a lot of money. Highly recommend this kit!